Latin music styles master-classes from Sòn, Rumba, Guaguancò and

Bolero to Cha-Cha-Chà, Mambo, Latin-Jazz up to modern Salsa.

Introduction to check the student’s technical levels, with the instruments and specifically on Caribbean rhythms.

Practical and theorical preview to better understand the right interpretation of numerous Afro-Cuban styles from the origins up to our days.

The Sound, tempos, sight reading, melody in relation to the rhythm.

The “Clave”; intention, feeling, the syncopation.

–    How to recognize them, practicing on these new mechanisms,

          techniques (from “tìpico” style to the modern Caribbean, North and

          South American influences).

Nomenclature and functions of instrumentation by family, defined patterns, chords, signals and first approach to arrangement and composition rules.

Harmonizations and rehorsal of ensemble groups inspired by the

Typical “Septeto”, “Conjunto”, “Combo” etc…

Analysis on different levels and sections with particular attention to the discipline, repertoire decisions, style and band’s logical points.

Classes time frames will be independent and based on particular matters with preparation of eventual final Descargas (jam sessions).

All instruments, level and age are very welcome.