A Horn player’s approach, interpretation, reading and improvisation.

A wide perspective of the incredible various Afro-Brazilian music styles for horn players.

Starting from the historical roots of “Choro”, up to the modern Brazilian-Funk-Rap, through the Bossanova school, MPB, Samba-Rock, Olodum and many other music tempos.

The course will explain to all level horn players and specifically brass instruments how to approach, read and improvise Brazilian rhythms; the particular concepts and basic rules to learn for a soloist and/or section player.

1. History –  A brief introduction about the meanings and first

examples of wind instrumentation used by the

aborigenal Brazilian populations up to “Choro” music style (1920’s).

The Samba, Gafieira, Bossanova, with North

American Jazz influences.

From 1965: the Tropicalia and MPB movements.

Today’s music of Brazil: Samba-Reggae, Olodum,

Samba-Funk, Frevo, etc….

2. Practice   Performing and rehearsals of basic tunes with

recorded and live play-along accompaniment.

How to recognize and actually play in the right way

the different tempos.

Use of patterns, scales and rhythmic figurations.