A program including: Yoga breathing systems, modern embouchure settings for all wind instruments, isometric gym exercises, posture rules and many techniques & tricks for modern brass players;

During these 4 hours sessions, Gabriel is up to show the techniques for high notes, (relaxed ways of practicing), the mental and physical approach to daily routine, breathing empowerment through Oriental exercises (Wai Dan, Da Mo, Ba Dun Gin, Nei Dan series, 5 Tibetans), the “doubling” on other instruments and his own developed “GPBag” experimental tool!!…


All from the extremely variety of background experiences, tours (U.S.A., Central America, Europe and Japan), and numerous great teachers.

Mr. Rosati has studied with greats as Arturo Sandoval, Claudio Roditi, Bobby Shew, Stan Mark, Luis Valisan, Allen Smith, John Coppola, Pierre Thibaud, John Wallace, Teddy Mulet.


The students will have all the time and personal attention on individual technical problems to be fixed.

Each and every person is got a unique mouth, teeth, jaw and physiological system, to be synchronized to achieve whatever level and musical performance goal.

This kind of Master classes are more WORKSHOP because all the participants interact actively performing instead of watching passively the teacher (as most usual seminars).




Gabriel Rosati’s

.”Latin American Trumpet Music”, “Salsa Trumpet Book” and “Trumpet and Organ Classics”  by Mel Bay Publications;

.”The Latin Brass Soloist”, “The Latin Saxophone Soloist” and “100 Ultimate Blues Riffs” by ADG Productions.

.The latest album “Brazilatafro Project” Vol.2 released with the June/July ’99 issue of “Jazz Player” magazine (with CD play-along) by Dorn Publications.

.”Il Trombettista Autodidatta” by Carisch, “Milva Sings Piazzolla” and “Claudio Roditi note by note Solo Transcriptions” by Colins Publ.


The course is open to all levels and mainly brass or soloist instruments.

Requirements are just a black board, P.A. system with CD player.

It can be articulated from a minimum of 4 hours meeting to several days (like a jazz camp with ensemble rehearsal, combo formation and final concert).